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Auction Block: 1969 Chevrolet Corvette Baldwin Motion Phase III GT

Back between 1969 and 1971, a dealership called Baldwin Chevrolet and an aftermarket tuning brand by the name of Motion Performance built ten powerful special-edition Corvette pony cars. However, thanks to the activism of Ralph Nadar and using the Clean Air Act of 1970, the government shut down the production of these vehicles for good. Now, these ultra-rare beauties are highly sought-after by collectors and aficionados — and one is about to head to the Mecum auction block.

While it’s clear at-a-glance that this car is exceedingly beautiful with its immaculate black-and-gold bumblebee paint job and unmistakably classic silhouette, that’s not the only thing that makes them special. Rather, the biggest highlight can be found under the hood: a tweaked 427 V8 engine that was said to produce a whopping 435 horsepower (though some claim it could do up to 530). This particular example is also the only one with Shelby side scoops alongside its Le Mans-style headlights, M21 4-speed transmission, Holley carburetor, Edelbrock intake manifold, hood scoop, and all those other gorgeous details. Mecum hasn’t released an estimate as to its value, but knowing how unique this American muscle car is, we imagine it’s going to fetch quite a price.

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