Auction Block: 1967 Shelby 427 Cobra

Photos: Mathieu Heurtault

Barn finds are such a mythical way to acquire a car that it is sometimes hard to believe the stories of how such legendary autos can be lost to the public eye for so long. The Hagerty Insurance Agency has seen the excitement finding a hidden gem can generate, turning this hobby into the web series Barn Find Hunter, especially when the diamond in the ruff is a near flawless 1967 Shelby 427 Cobra.

The series follows Tom Cotter, professional car collector and author, as he hunts down leads and sniffs out highly coveted classic cars that have been hidden for the ages. One a recent sleuthing mission Tom got a tip about a garage that had not been opened for almost 30 years that potentially housed some ultra fine examples of killer cars. Upon cracking the seal of the homeowners car shed Cotter spotted something he knows all about, a Shelby 427 Cobra. This particular unit only stacked up 19K miles while retaining all of the original aluminum body panels and not gaining any of the lesser authentic add ons like side pipes or a driver roll bar. Unmolested and ready for a little polish, this is one hot find and a truly exemplary case of unearthing buried treasure.

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Photo: Ben Woodworth