1966 Land Rover Series IIA Recovery Truck

Because the majority of Land Rover coverage these days is limited to the D90, this Series II Recovery Truck was a refreshing and unique find from the Bonhams’ site. It’s the second iteration of the original Recovery Truck – introduced just about a decade later – and featured updated rounded sides as opposed to the previous slab-sided styling. Which, coincidentally, would later characterize future Land Rovers thereafter.

This build, in particular, is a fully restored 1966 model complete with a 2¼-liter petrol engine that was only completed last year. Now, the classic truck features a fully galvanized chassis, Harvey Frost 3cwt pickup crane, freewheel front hubs, and a set of Goodyear 7.50×16” tires wrapped around standard steel rims. A classic Land Rover at every turn, this special ride, which laid the groundwork for the Defenders we all know and love, is slated to fetch at least $11,000 at auction next month.

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