Auction Block: 1965 Shelby 427 Competition Cobra

Shelby’s longstanding reign as the developer of one of the most beautiful race cars in history is not without its high points — and throughout the manufacturer’s lifespan, several notable platforms have emerged from their reserves. This 1965 Shelby 427 Competition Cobra is one such vehicle, boasting a unique heritage and proven pedigree thanks to the car’s racing past.

The 427 Competition Cobra was introduced as a competition-ready side-oiler aluminum-head and was utilized in a number of notable races during the 1960s. It was helmed by three F1 drivers from the era: David Piper, Chris Irwin, and Bob Bondurant, who drove the car to victory at the 1966 Brands Hatch — a famous English indy race track. The vehicle also earned a spot within the 1966 FIA World Sports Car Championship race before being sold to a number of successive owners. In 2003, a complete restoration was undertaken by Ontario’s Legendary Motorcar, after which, the Cobra became a show model and was retired from the circuit. As one of only 19 Competition Cobras ever produced, the 427 boasts a storied lineage as one of the only surviving original aluminum bodied variants — and to this day, the Shelby 427 is considered one of the most significant Cobras to ever grace the asphalt.

Purchase: $3,000,000+