Auction Block: 1964 Ferrari 275 GTB Prototype

Early model prototype cars are truly a sight to behold — whether they were built for testing, racing, or experimental purposes, these vehicles are worth their weight in salt as the very first “subject” in a successive line of offerings. Ferrari’s 275 GTB prototype is no different, ushering in an era of development and rally-roots that would help define the automaker’s illustrious legacy.

This one-of-a-kind 275 GTB was originally built as the 265 bhp Tipo 213 SOHC V12 that would test the earliest variants of the new GTB line but went on to serve under Ferrari’s Experimental Department as a full-fledged development model poised to dominate the world of rally racing. It was later introduced as the front-runner for the Italian automaker in the 1966 Monte Carlo Rally, where it was helmed by drivers Giorgio Pianta and Roberto Lippi, who claimed that the vehicle was so “perfect” they couldn’t think of a single improvement. Featuring six Weber 40 DCN carbs, a 3,285cc engine, and a standard five-speed transaxle, the 275 GTB helped to pave the way for Ferrari’s future offerings. Gooding & Company is currently auctioning the historical vehicle that’s expected to sell for around $6,000,000.

Purchase: $6,000,000+