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Auction Block: 1957 Willys FC-150 Pickup

In 1956, Willys sought to capitalize on the Post-WWII 4×4 pickup movement that was spreading like wildfire within the automotive industry, at the time. To bring its unique design terminology to market, it devoted its design to Brooks Stevens, an influential founder associated with the Industrial Designers Society of America. The result: the Forward-Control 150 (or FC-150) pickup that you see here.

While the FC might not have caught the attention of the North American audience in the way that it’s designers had hoped, more than 30,000 models were manufactured between 1957 and 1963. To align with the utilitarian ideology that many of the industry’s most prolific companies were fostering during the era, Willys turned to the now-iconic cab over engine design, helping its drivers to utilize it for both work and play, courtesy of its 1:1 payload ratio, cargo tray, and smaller wheelbase. This specific model is one of the more well-kept that we’ve seen, thanks to a full-fledged Concours restoration in 2013. It even comes with a Warn All-Range overdrive — a highly-optioned addition that serves to bolster the vehicle’s cruising capabilities. If you’re interested in acquiring the historic platform, the FC-150 has been slated for auction over on Mecum.

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