Auction Block: 1956 Porsche 356 A European Coupe

When it comes to the truly elite, rarest of the rare in vintage vehicles – vintage anything, really – the most minute details can determine something’s value. A 1913 Liberty Head Nickel sells for $3.1 million at auction, while a 1914 nickel goes for 15 bucks at your local collector shop. The same might be said about this beautiful 1956 Porsche 356 A European Coupe with super rare European badging – but with or without that detail, this Porsche is a rare beauty.

The aforementioned European badging refers to a golden script on the Porsche fender, emblazoned on only the very first Porsche’s off the lot and headed to the American market. The badging implies primacy – that this was one of the first examples of the model to make it across the pond to America. The model was only available for a few months before being discontinued. After a full, show-quality restoration, in which the paint job was redone in dapper Fashion Grey, a rich red leather interior installed, along with a 616/33-1, 1.7-liter industrial Porsche unit from 1969, one of the only details on this car that is not precisely period-correct, this car is ready for auction. Despite not being an Aston Martin, this Porsche is certainly worthy of Bond-esque escapades. A meticulous refurbishment of a rare gem, these are some stinking badges that we do want.

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