Auction Block: 1947 Dodge Power Wagon

Shortly after WWII peace treaties were signed into effect and countries around the globe began the healing process, Dodge decided to release a civilian version of the WC series 4×4 trucks that were used by the US military during the course of the conflict. Dubbed the Dodge Power Wagon, it was a highly sought-after vehicle by the American public, even acting as inspiration for a British concept at the time, called the Land Rover.

Now, this ’47 restored relic is up for auction here in the near future. Painted bright red, the vintage ride is Americana through and through. Under the hood is a restored 230 cubic inch T137 6-cylinder engine controlled by a 4-speed manual gearbox. Additionally, the Power Wagon features new front locking hubs and the original front and rear PTO. Original steel panels, outer body panels, and fenders have all stood the test of time here too, and the whole beauty now rides atop new Michelin all-terrain tires. [H/T: Silodrome]
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