Auction Block: 1943 Sherman M4A1 Tank

There were numerous key factors that ultimately lead to the Allies’ victory over the Axis powers in WW2. Alongside some brilliantly-planned campaigns, a bevy of technological breakthroughs, and untold bravery and sacrifice from literally millions of American, Soviet, and European soldiers, one decisive element that helped to defeat Hitler and his forces was undoubtedly the military vehicles built for the battlefield. And while many were destroyed and/or scrapped, an extremely rare WW2 tank has recently surfaced for auction.

Built in 1943, this Sherman M4A1 Grizzly is reportedly a modified version of the brand’s Medium duty tank, featuring a cast, single-piece upper hull welded to an armor-plated lower hull, and a massive 16-liter (975i) Wright Whirlwind nine-cylinder radial engine mated to a Spicer five-speed manual transmission. This M4A1 also sports a demilitarized 75mm main gun, a (now propane-fired) .50 caliber replica machine gun turret, and a faux .30 caliber machine gun set in the forward hull. Fully operational (save for the weapons), the tank still includes all of its original equipment and controls. You can find this unique piece of WW2 history currently on the online auction block of Bring a Trailer where (as of the time of writing) bidding has reached $325,000.

Purchase: $325,000+