Auction Block: 1940s Belly Tank Lakester

In case you haven’t seen it, the motorcycle mavens at Deus Ex Machina released a short film back in August of 2018 celebrating “the freedom to dream and go fast.” In that film, they put a gorgeous 1940s Belly Tank Lakester race car on full display, unleashing it at California’s Salt Flats. And now, that very vehicle is headed to the auction block.

Built from a WWII-era Lockheed P-38 Lightning aircraft drop tank atop a Ford Model T frame, this dual carburetor V8-60 flathead-powered ride is a pure driving machine — designed for going fast and virtually nothing else. A manned missile with a single aluminum bucket seat, a two-gallon fuel tank, and modified Model A lever-controlled brakes, it can only be driven for around five to seven minutes per fill-up. Five to seven minutes of pure, unadulterated, adrenaline-fueled joy. And that euphoria can be yours if you can beat the current bid of $27,500. The Bring-A-Trailer auction ends in six days.

Purchase: $27,500+