Ateliers Diva Revises Iconic Porsches In Ultralight Carbon Fiber

As we dive further into the realm of classic automotive refurbishment, the oversaturation of one-off companies, tuners, and restoration shops has made it difficult to discern the industry’s visionary leaders from the rest. But, when it comes to Paris’ Ateliers Diva, specialists in the outfit of Porsche’s finest platforms, the question of calibre has never been up for debate.

While each of automotive’s most lauded customization shops dawdles in its own niche, Ateliers Diva elaborates on a relatively simple premise. The result? A beautiful rendition of Porsche’s most iconic vehicles, outfitted with modern components like an entirely bespoke cabin, carbon fiber peripherals, and an all-new 4.2-liter race-spec engine that produces over 400 horsepower. But, the company’s influence doesn’t end there; additions like fully-customized suspensions, exhaust layouts, and colorways are supplied at the request of the company’s more enthusiastic clients. To keep the Porsche’s iconic platforms — which include the Targa, Coupe, and Safari — as exclusive as possible, only 25 of each will be made, with Ateliers Diva debuting their first bespoke build at Salon Privé, this year.

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