Ataribox Gaming Console

It has been nearly 25 years since Atari last released a console. But that hasn’t stopped retro-gaming fans from fawning over the brand’s offerings to this day. And, apparently, it hasn’t stopped the brand themselves from continuing to turn their gears. Because now they’re releasing another console sometime soon called the Ataribox.

It’s hard to say what this upcoming gaming console is going to offer, but we can certainly say that one of the two editions has drawn its design cues from the now-legendary Atari 2600 – evidenced by the wood finish and familiar grooves. The other, however, is done up in black and red. They also features a rear-mounted HDMI port, four USB ports, and SD card support. There’s a distinct possibility that this is Atari’s attempt at hopping on the gaming nostalgia train (a la Nintendo), but it could also be true that this is a bit more than just a throwback. In any case, we’re excited to hear what else is to come of this latest Atari project.

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