Atari Pong Coffee Table

Maybe it is due to the fact that it was among the first video games ever made, or perhaps there is something about the simple nature of it, but our love of Pong has endured for 45 years. Now thanks to a handful of engineers and the official ‘OK’ from Atari, we can focus that affection on the new Atari Pong Coffee Table.

This life-sized console takes the old 8 bit game into the real world with an actual block pong ‘ball’ and two paddles. This all works thanks to a complicated array of electronics and magnets that are hooked up to an easy to use console-like controller. More than just a well executed analogue version of the classic video game, the coffee table also boasts a set of Bluetooth speakers, interactive lighting, a digital clock, and outlets for charging your phone. Whether you set it up to play with your family or you convince your boss to sell the ping pong table and get this instead – it is sure to be a blast. Retail prices are expected to be set at $5,000.

Kickstarter: $1,100+