Atari’s Tech-Focused Las Vegas Hotel Will Be The Ultimate Gamer’s Getaway

Considering the immense popularity of professional sports, it’s unsurprising that the hospitality industry boasts dozens of restaurants, resorts, and hotels designed to specifically cater to sports-obsessed individuals. And as video games and esports continue to skyrocket in popularity, it’s equally unsurprising to see the video game industry follow suit with its own video game-themed offerings — one of the most noteworthy of which is undoubtedly the forthcoming Atari Hotel in Las Vegas, which we’ve finally gotten a closer look at via some newly released artwork and information.

The first in a new line of hotels scattered across the US, the Vegas location — which was originally announced in early 2020 — is being designed and developed by Scottsdale, Arizona’s GSD Group in conjunction with Gensler and features an unmistakable cyberpunk aesthetic both inside and out — looking more like something you’d see in a video game than an actual hotel. In addition to neon and LED-lit rooms, the hotel will also feature a plethora of video-game related entertainment including augmented and virtual reality experiences, modern and old-school arcades, and a host of other amenities. To learn more about what the Atari Hotels have to offer, or to join their membership list, you can check out the link below.

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