Atari Is Opening The World’s First Chain Of Video Game-Themed Hotels

With the rise of Esports and the upcoming release of a new generation of home consoles just over the horizon, it seems like video gaming is more popular and accepted than ever before. And that’s what Atari appears to be banking on, as the gaming giant has just announced the world’s very first chain of video game-themed hotels.

Obviously, based on the renders, you can see that these resorts will feature Atari’s signature logo infused into the architecture — but the gaming connection goes far deeper than just appearances. The brand is also promising, on top of all the normal hotel accommodations, that each location will also feature immersive experiences for all ages, including the latest-and-greatest in VR and AR tech, as well as state-of-the-art venues and studios for esporting events. The first location — in Phoenix, AZ — is slated to break ground in the spring of 2020 with seven other locations around the United States to follow shortly thereafter.

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