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ASUS’ PureGo Gadget Scans Your Produce for Pesticides and Impurities

Let’s face it, we all know that we should wash our produce before we eat it, but most people don’t do a lot more than a cursory pass under a running faucet; and that’s if they wash their fruits and veggies at all. That’s not good. Every year, millions of people suffer from ingesting contaminated food, be it a result of salmonella, pesticides, or parasites. In most cases, a quick, thorough wash of your produce should be enough to clean them enough for consumption, but how long is long enough? Well, no need to worry, because the folks at ASUS have created a food cleanliness detector that eliminates the guesswork for you.

The ASUS PureGo PD100 is a Red Dot Design Award-winning fruit and vegetable cleanliness detector that “brings laboratory-standard food safety testing equipment into your kitchen.” It’s the definition of a purpose-built product that’s safe, user-friendly, and quickly tells you whether or not your fruit and vegetables are clean and safe to eat. By employing dynamic algorithms and ASUS’ optical-detection technology, the PureGo PD100 can identify pesticides and other harmful pollutants in the water. Using the PureGo PD100 is simple. After letting your fruit and veggies soak for a couple of minutes, just place the PureGo PD100 into the container and run water into the container to wash the surface of your produce. As the water runs, the PureGo’s ring indicator runs tests on the water to detect any impurities.

If the ring indicator glows red or orange, it means there are still pollutants in the water that need to be washed out. When there are little to no pollutants in the water, the ring indicator shines green to indicate the produce is safe for consumption. Better yet, the PureGo PD100 features wireless charging, ensuring that it can be safely submerged in water. The ASUS PureGo PD100 can be purchased on ASUS’ website for $200.

Purchase: $200

Photo: ASUS
Photo: ASUS