AstroReality’s NASA 60th Anniversary AR Series Launches You To The Stars

We have always aspired to travel to the stars and beyond, in search of the origins of life as we know it. The AstroReality NASA 60th Anniversary Gift Series celebrates human space exploration and the pioneers who have launched into space to discover the unknown.

The NASA collection from AstroReality consists of a NASA AR Notebook and a NASA Space Mug. Embossed with the classic NASA “worm” crest on the exterior, the app-compatible notebook is a must for astronomy enthusiasts. Thanks to AstroReality app, you can point your camera at the notebook’s acid-free pages to watch the history of our solar system and NASA come to life. And you can point your phone at the NASA Space Mug, using the AR app, to see views from 500 million square kilometers up in the atmosphere, looking down on Earth from the International Space Station. You can order both today for $30 each.

Purchase: $30