Aston Martin AM-RB 001Hypercar

When Aston Martin decided to build a hypercar in conjunction with the Formula One’s Red Bull Racing we knew the British luxury auto manufacturer would perform well. Dubbed the AM-RB 001, this V12-powered mid-engine futuristic beast is set to arrive in 2018 and is built on a lightweight carbon-fiber structure.

According to Aston Martin, between 99-150 road versions of these hypercars will make it out of their Gaydon facility in the United Kingdom for sale. In addition, twenty-five versions will be made specifically for track use. The partnership between Red Bull and Aston Martin came to fruition this past March and by the looks of these initial renderings, the cooperation between these two brands looks to be a fruitful one. The AM-RB 001 will host a naturally-aspirated engine from Aston Martin, while Red Bull went ahead and designed the car’s suspension and transmission with the final power to weight ratio clocking in at 1 horsepower to 2.2 pounds. Additional specs and prices aren’t disclosed at this time but keeping a close eye on the AM-RB 001’s development through the end of the year will certainly yield some interesting observations. We’re just excited to see what this sleek hypercar can do on the track.

AM-RB 001Hypercar 2

AM-RB 001Hypercar 3

AM-RB 001Hypercar 4

AM-RB 001Hypercar 5

AM-RB 001Hypercar 6

AM-RB 001Hypercar 7