R-Reforged’s Heritage TWINS Are Bespoke Zagato Vantage V12s Inspired By The Past

In 2011, legendary Italian coachbuilder, Zagato bestowed its exotic treatment upon Aston Martin’s Vantage V12, resulting in an extraordinary blend of British engineering and Italian craftsmanship. A decade on, and R-Reforged is revisiting the Zagato-built V12 with 19 pairs of what it’s calling the “Aston Martin V12 Zagato Heritage TWINS.”

Starting with A Zagato Vantage V12 Coupe and Speedster, the Heritage TWINS were designed to pay homage to Ugo Zagato’s iconic body of work, with R-Reforged putting a retro-spin on the 2011 supercars and adorning them in carbon fiber bodywork that borrows iconic visual traits from automotive design of the 1950s and ‘60s while also implementing more refined aerodynamics and an active rear wing. Underneath the hood, the cars’ naturally-aspirated 5.9L V-12 has been thoroughly massaged to squeeze an additional 85hp from the 48-valve mills, bringing their output up to an even 600hp. Each pair will be crafted by hand at the Swiss AF Racing Group-owned outfit’s new UK facility, and R-Reforged says each of the 19 pairs will be unique, with buyers being given a number of options for personalization. Pricing has yet to be revealed, though for updates or more information on the Heritage TWINS you can check out the R-Reforged website.

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