Aston Martin DBZ Centenary Car Collection

While their focus is almost always on releasing new vehicles, it’s not unusual for carmakers — especially those with a long and storied history — to revisit vehicles of the past. But to celebrate 100 years of Zagato in the coachbuilding industry, Aston Martin is doing something very special: releasing a pair of vehicles, one old and one new, they’re calling the DBZ Centenary Collection.

The first of the pair (the new one) is the DBS Superleggera-based DBS GT Zagato — an absolutely gorgeous 19-unit modern supercar marked by the coachbuilder’s signature design language, including an aggressive front end, double-bubble roof, and a gradually-sloped sport-style tail end. Each one is also accompanied by a DB4 GT Zagato Continuation car — an early-1960s classic coupe from which the design of the DBS GT Zagato evolved. Unfortunately, there’s no word on performance specs for this extremely rare high-end car duo, but Aston Martin has unveiled that they will sell, together, for a whopping $7.9 million.

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