Astelle & Kern Unveils A Precision-Machined Pro-Level Hi-Fi Audio Player

Astelle&Kern are no strangers to the high-fidelity audio space. Thus far, the company has introduced both the KANN and KANN CUBE, which have done their part to provide listeners with unparalleled studio audio reproduction, alongside various output styles. Now, the brand has announced its most powerful portable player yet — the KANN ALPHA.

If the digital audio player’s name doesn’t give you an impression of its dominance, you’ll be delighted to hear that it’s got a handful of cutting-edge features aimed to reinforce Astelle&Kern’s claim. Since the ALPHA is often the leader of the pack, A&K has gifted the player with a staggering 12Vrms ultra-high-output, as well as a set of 2.5mm/Pentaconn 4.4mm balanced outputs for high-impedance headphone support. As a result, the device provides stable power at one of the industry’s highest output levels, while suppressing any increased electrical noise that can often mar the playback experience. To augment its intriguing electrical design, the company has housed the ALPHA’s components in a sleek (and attractive) metal housing, giving it an artful aesthetic when compared to other players in the genre. Each device provides up to 14 hours of playback and will support improved technologies, including Bluetooth 5.0, and 24-bit Bluetooth codecs. Pick up one of your own for $1,100 on A&K’s website.

Purchase: $1,100