This Slim Winter Parka Is Made With 3M’s 100% Recyclable Insulation

Though they can be quite warm, there are a couple of big issues with traditional down-stuffed winter parkas. For starters, they tend to be pretty bulky, but they’re also not exactly environmentally-friendly — an unfortunate byproduct of using goose feathers in their construction. However, the folks at Askov Finlayson — following a short hiatus — have done away with both of those issues with this new parka.

Working alongside 3M, this is the very first garment to feature 100% recyclable ‘featherless insulation technology’ — which is simultaneously more eco-friendly than traditional down, as well as being thinner and offering better heat retention. And while that’s enough to get us excited, Askov Finlayson is also promising not just carbon neutrality, but a carbon-positive impact. They plan to accomplish this both by utilizing sound business and construction practices, but also by donating 110% of the total “climate cost” of operations to environmental non-profits. That means, by using this winter-ready coat, you’ll actually be improving the quality and condition of the natural world.

Purchase: $495