Flying Cars May Finally Arrive In 2026 & You Can Pre-Order This One Right Now

For pretty much as long as cars have existed, we’ve been promised a future filled with flying cars. Despite us now being a fifth of the way through the 21st century, that future remains elusive, but it could soon become a reality thanks to the ASKA eVTOL.

ASKA is the world’s first consumer drive & fly eVTOL. You can drive it just like you would a car — it’s the size of a large SUV — and then when a situation arises where air travel makes more sense, you can unfold your wings, take off vertically, and fly to your destination. The vehicle can be parked in most normal vehicle parking spaces and garages and charged at existing electric car charging stations, whereas takeoffs and landings require just a 65×65 ft area. The vehicle is expected to be able to travel at 70mph on land and 150mph in the sky, with an airborne range of 250 miles. And best of all, ASKA isn’t a pipe dream. The company expects to deliver the vehicles in 2026, and they’ve already begun taking $5,000 deposits for pre-orders. What are you waiting for? The future is now.

Purchase: $5,000+