ASICS’ Runners Mask Utilizes Strategically-Placed Inlets For Increased Airflow

Since the pandemic destroyed much of the world’s ability to maintain fitness within a gym setting, more and more individuals have been heading outdoors to get their daily dose of cardio. The issue, however, lies in the fact that most of today’s face coverings, masks, and barriers, are less than exemplary when “breathing” is taken into account. To remedy this, ASICS has revealed its Runners Face Cover — a cardio-inclined model that’s been built specifically for those who put in the miles on a regular basis.

Instead of tightly adhering to your mouth and nose, the Runners Face Cover has been crafted with an elaborate, expansive interior, meaning that air can circulate freely, without exiting into your eyes, or onto your face. At its bottom, a set of strategically-placed air holes promote increased ventilation and flow, while keeping the wearer protected from particulates outside of the mask. Each example is crafted with sustainble, recyclable materials and features an intuitive, adjustable-fit cord to allow for personalization in terms of size and fitment. The cherry on top? Each mask is reusable, washable, and water-repellent, giving runners (and athletes) everywhere an alternative to the hot, uncomfortable masks that they’ve been exposed to in recent months. Head to ASICS’ website to pick up your own Runners Face Cover for $46.

Purchase: $46