Asics MetaRide Running Shoes

Asics is always a reliable source for running shoes built for serious athletes and their latest footwear offering is engineered for marathon maniacs. Designed to allow you to run longer and reduce the effort needed to get to the finish line, the Asics MetaRide Running Shoes will help get you to the next level of athletic performance.

The new ‘FLYTEFOAM Propel’ soles allow you to preserve your muscle energy and run smoothly, especially in the transition from heel to toe because of the slight curve of the design. The construction of these shoes will allow you to retain more energy, reducing your potential of hitting the runner’s wall during a marathon. They also feature ‘Visible GEL’ cushioning for amazing comfort along with ‘Guidesole’ technology. Perfect for heel strikers, as the design prompts them to roll from the heel and mid-foot to the toe in a smooth rocking motion, these running shoes will help you go the distance. You can pick up a pair for $250 right now.

Purchase: $250