Asics’ Fatigue-Reducing Sneaker Is Built For Long-Distance Running

Asics is no stranger to footwear innovation, creating some of the industry’s most lauded shoes for walkers, runners, and professional athletes. At the beginning of 2019, they even went so far as to introduce a radically-designed sneaker marketed to aid individuals in long-distance traversal, thanks to a unique “rockered” outsole. While the original iteration was a bit uncanny, the company has decided to offer a more simplistic version with the new GlideRide running shoe.

Asics’ newly-released GlideRide adopts a handful of characteristics from its progenitor, the MetaRide. The original was defined by unique accents, like a heavily-curved toe box that generated power as a runner transitioned to the ball of the foot, helping to propel them forward. In theory, this would aid the wearer over long distances, reducing fatigue often associated with lower leg and ankle impact. In an effort to bring the GlideRide into the spotlight for a more casual crowd, Asics has opted to reduce the original’s dominative outsole, while placing an increased emphasis on the shoe’s midsole cushioning. The GlideRide is available now via Asics’ website for $150.

Purchase: $150