John McEnroe & Artisans De Genève Built A $30K+ Rolex For Tennis Lefties

If you’re familiar with the world of customized Rolex watches, chances are, you’re also very well acquainted with Artisans De Genève. The Swiss company has spent many a year honing its skills and soliciting its expertise when it comes to the outfit of high-end, one-off watches — and now, they’ve decided to work alongside famed tennis player, John McEnroe, for the “Lefty Project” Submariner.

The Artisans De Genève “John McEnroe Lefty Project” Rolex was crafted with one very distinct notion in mind: not to impede the tennis player’s abilities while on the court. To achieve this, virtually every aspect of the original watch has been reformed to adhere to McEnroe’s specifications, including the introduction of intricate skeletonization, a 3135 caliber movement, and a hand-finished exterior that exudes an aura of pure class. Instead of the traditional ceramic bezel found on the original, a new tungsten-clad component has been implemented, working alongside a set of 45-degree shifted lugs and a sapphire date wheel to provide unimpeded views of the watch’s illustrious inner workings. Overall, the watch is believed to have accrued over $39,257 of additional customization, which doesn’t account for the price of the actual donor. Head to Artisans De Genève’s website to learn more.

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