The ‘Albino Project’ Pays Tribute To One Of The Rarest Rolex Watches Ever

Mar 2, 2020

Category: Style

Nearly 50 years ago, Rolex’s “Oyster Albino” was revealed to the watchmaking world. Aside from its unprecedented construction and attention to detail, the ultra-limited nature of the timepiece made it a coveted find for collectors the world over. Only three were ever made, earning them the title of “pipe dream” for many a modern enthusiast. But now, the specialized experts at Artisans De Genève have produced a timeless tribute to the 6263, thanks to a request from an interested buyer.

The Artisans De Genève 6263 Albino Project Tribute is a painstakingly-accurate homage to the original, calling upon a mirror-polished balance bridge, monochrome dial, and hand-finished 4130 movement to solicit the same illustrious feel as its predecessors. An in-house, hand-wound mechanical mechanism has been implemented and modified to accrue the watch a 72-hour power reserve, allowing its flame-blued, silver sunray backdrop, distinctly shaped hands, and Rolex iconography to thoroughly shine. Since the watch is a direct tribute to the original Oyster Albino, Artisans de Genève has ensured that the reputation of the legendary timepiece remains intact, calling upon reworked, but honest characteristics to mirror its predecessor’s most redeemable traits. This specific model was built for an astonishing $18,215 and provides an exceptional look at what the professionals at Artisans De Genève can achieve when prompted.

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