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Artefacto’s Caixa Bar Pietra Bar Cabinet Blends Form, Function, & Booze

A bar area can say a lot about the individual who owns it. Regardless of whether you own a bar cart, a bar nook, or a full-blown bar cabinet, defining your mixological domain is always a balance of form and function. It’s no secret that there are countless bar storage options out there from the accessibly priced to the over-the-top opulent, and while they may differ in design, many offer the same options. But for those seeking something a little more special, there’s Artefacto’s new Caixa Bar Pietra, which offers a killer design, plenty of storage, and even a built-in fridge.

At first glance, the Pietra is simply a gorgeous bar cabinet. The design of the cabinet is contemporary minimalism at its finest, featuring a facade whose wood grain is dividing into a stylishly symmetrical butterfly pattern. Its focal point, when closed, is its smooth stone handle which is perfectly centered on its front, providing a nice touch of visual contrast. When opened, the Pietra surprises the user with a bevy of storage solutions and a golden backlight that evokes an almost angelic sensation. From the outside in, the bar box’s hand-woven lining gives off Mad Men vibes while letting the gorgeous hardwood bar cabinet do all the heavy lifting. The inner bar cabinet boasts three drawers for added storage, plus a hidden refrigerator to keep your juices, fortified wines, and other perishables cold. In a pinch, the Pietra also doubles as a high-end coffee bar, adding a bit of versatility to the stylish piece.

Whether or not you’re a drinker, it’s clear that Designer Patricia Anastassiadis really outdid herself when making this ultra-handsome and versatile bar cabinet. If Don Draper were a 21st-century man, this is the bar he’d have proudly sitting in his office. Pricing for the Caixa Bar Pietra starts at $20,000.

Purchase: $20,000+