The Art Of Steadicam

You might not be familiar with the word “Steadicam,” but if you’re a movie lover, you oughta to be. Steadicam is the system used for steadying a hand-held camera, with a shock-absorbing arm and a harness worn by the camera operator. The end result is usually movie magic.

Set aside a few minutes and kick back, because we’ve found a reel of some of the best Steadicam shots in cinema history. Larry Wright compiled this ode to the buttery smooth shot, with clips from Goodfellas, Eyes Wide Shut, Boogie Nights, Kill Bill: Vol. 1, Casino, The Shining, and more. Heck, even ER and The X-Files get recognized. Of course, cameraman Garrett Brown deserves most of the credit here, as he invented the Steadicam in the early 70s.