Arrow Smart-Kart

The worst part of childhood is the doldrums in your life when you were still too small for a regular car, but too big for the Power Wheels. You couldn’t quite get out on the go-kart track, because it was expensive and dangerous, so you were stuck with your bike, pedalling away like a sucker. To fill this void, Dave Bell, CEO of Actev Motors, has offered a smart kart for pre-teens looking to put the pedal down. It’s called the Arrow Smart-Kart.

The Arrow is green, which is a huge part of what makes it superior to its more dangerous gas-guzzling cousins. It also helps to limit the top speed a child can reach using it. It gets up to a nice clip of 12-mph, which is far from terminal velocity but still quick enough for your in-betweener child, before they want to borrow the keys. The go-kart retails for $599. [Purchase]

Arrow Smart-Kart 2

Arrow Smart-Kart 3