Arrma Fazon 6S BLX RC Monster Truck

Deep within the psyche of every grown man is that desire to race remote control cars. It’s a childhood feeling of nostalgia that’s nearly impossible to break, especially when we come across a jaw-dropping monster truck of this magnitude. They didn’t have these when we were growing up, but we sure as hell want one now. Wish list anyone?

Dubbed the Fazon 6S BLX from ARRMA RC, this beastly remote control monster truck hosts a brushless power system that propels the little guy up to 60mph. It also comes equipped with four different driving modes for both on-road and off-road expeditions thanks to ARRMA’s Advanced Diff Technology. The magnificent power behind this little truck is all housed within a sleek and smoothly design body, supported by an aluminum TVP chassis, boasting high-quality shock absorbers and Universal Joint driveshafts built from aluminum. The Fazon also rides atop five split-spoke black wheels wrapped in dBoots Pincher tires. Definitely a gift idea for the big kid in all of us. Available now for $650. [Purchase]

Arrma Fazon 6S BLX RC Truck 1

Arrma Fazon 6S BLX RC Truck 4

Arrma Fazon 6S BLX RC Truck 2

Arrma Fazon 6S BLX RC Truck 5