The Arquus Scarabee Is A Nimble & Stealthy Hybrid Armored 4×4

While there seems to be no shortage of impressive military vehicles out there, manufacturers keep finding new and interesting ways to combine automobiles and battlefield-ready features. The latest comes to us courtesy of the Paris Air Show via a surprising brand: Volvo — Or rather Volvo’s Arquus military-focused sub-brand. It’s called the Arquus Scarabee.

Looking very much like something out of one of the more recent Fast & Furious films, this beastly armored 4×4 is the first of its kind. You see, what makes this thing special — besides the bombproof armor plating, underbelly mine protection, dual ground clearance levels, and AWD system — is that it is actually driven by a hybrid powertrain. Although performance figures haven’t been unveiled, it has been announced that the hybrid drive works in two ways: a “boost” mode that utilized both the electric and gas-powered components for high-speed reconnaissance and transport, and an “all electrical” stealth mode that shuts down the gas engine for silent running and no thermal signature. On top of that, this tank of an SUV also features all-wheel-steering for a remarkably tight turn radius and/or high-speed drifting and it can be air-dropped from a C-130 or Chinook helicopter for quick battlefield insertion.

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