The Invincible ARMORTRUCK Is The Work Of A Rimac & Vilner Designer

Although we harbor some sort of illicit disdain for the current doomsday climate, deep down, we have a soft spot for apocalyptic situations. While it’s a far cry from the thematic “end of days” that we’ve been exposed to via Hollywood film and conceptual illustration, we’ll always entertain the romanticization of survivalist machinery — including, but not limited to, Milen Ivanov’s monstrous ARMORTRUCK concept.

If an intense science fiction plot were to unfold, we’d be more than happy to take on our new apocalyptic surroundings in this formidable, futuristic SUV. This gigantic machine was crafted by Milne Ivanov, a designer who’s portfolio features recognizable projects under the umbrella of notable companies like Vilner, Rimac, and Dreamworks. Drawing on his expertise in the realm of conceptual platforms, Ivanov decided to create something a bit different here, introducing sharp, angular bodywork, gullwing-inspired entries, bizarrely-treaded off-road tires, and a suite of high-end LED illumination peripherals to stave off the darkness of a world on the brink of destruction. Head inside, and you’ll find a shockingly luxurious seating area outfitted with Alcantara and black leather upholstery, race-inspired cockpit accessories, and a touchscreen navigation system to keep you safe on questionable routes.

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