Armored Toyota Land Cruiser 76 by Jankel

If you are looking to work in the world’s more dangerous areas, then you need a vehicle that is not only capable and quick – but strong enough to withstand heavy fire. The Toyota 76 Land Cruiser, as modified by Jankel is the ideal vehicle for just that.

Powered by a robust 4.2-liter 6-cylinder diesel 1HZ engine that pumps out 129 horsepower, this off-road 4×4 is perfect for getting out of tight situations quickly. While the vehicle doesn’t look heavily protected (better not to draw too much attention), it has the ability to withstand a blast of 33 pounds of TNT from 10 feet away, 7.62 x 51mm caliber rounds at 10 meters, and most all assault rifle fire. Far from just a cool concept – up to 30 of these get shipped out every month from the UK where they get used for VIP escorts, aid and relief missions, and covert operations. Good protection for the good guys. [Purchase]

Toyota 76 by Jankel 2

Toyota 76 by Jankel 3

Toyota 76 by Jankel 4

Toyota 76 by Jankel 5

Toyota 76 by Jankel 6