ARKTYPE PMK Detatchable Keychain

In writing about EDC gear, one of the things we come across most often are keychains. Everyone seems to want to make one, but few really nail it on the execution. ARKTYPE’s paracord magnet keychain, however, stands out by being both an original and well built solution for keeping your keys close and secure.

By themselves, the components of this keychain are pretty common; a paracord lanyard, a snap shackle, and a magnetic Fidlock clasp attached to a keyring. When put together as they have been by the San Francisco based design and manufacturing company ARKTYPE, they take on a stand out tactical and urban vibe. Outside of its nice looks this keychain is all about utility. The magnetic Fidlock attachment is both easy to remove while also being strong enough to stay attached through any situation. No longer do you have to take your entire setup off of your pants in order to open doors, valet your car, or tap your I.D. card. Of course, like any other paracord-based piece of gear, you can also rest easy knowing that this U.S. woven line is ready to serve as emergency cordage when the situation calls for it. These keychains are retailing in three different colors and prices start at $30. [Purchase]

PMK Detatchable Keychain 2