This 90′ Recycled Hybrid Expedition Yacht Can Run On Solar Power

With the increased focus on environmental sustainability in manufacturing over the last few years, recycled water bottles have become a popular source for creating up-cycled materials for use in clothing, bags, gear, and even the interior of cars. One application we hadn’t yet seen, however, was a shipbuilding utilizing the recycled materials to create a full-size seafaring vessel, though we can now add that to the list thanks to the reveal of the Arksen 85.

Part of the company’s Explorer Series, the ship measures 89.56’ in length, boasts a 22.63’ beam and a draft of 5.08’, and is propelled by a hybrid gas-electric powertrain system with dual 330 horsepower engines that allow for a maximum speed of over 16mph and an impressive range of 7,000 nautical miles thanks to an oversized 18,000-liter fuel capacity. Made from recycled aluminum, the expedition-grade hull is reinforced several times over and is capable of taking on arctic ice fields. Other highlights include an interior that’s largely comprised of elements made from recycled materials, an on-deck submersible, and solar panels lining several of the roofs and decks that can power the EV motors at low speeds. Currently being constructed by UK-based outfit, the Wight Shipyard Company, the Arksen 85 will also be joined by smaller 75’, 60’ and 45’ vessels. For more information, you can check out the Arksen website linked below.

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