Ares Land Rover Defender

The team at Ares Design is known for taking classic vehicles and turning them into blacked out, venomous beasts – just take a look at what they did to this Stingray. These carbon fiber builds are heavy duty, and sharp looking. With their latest build, the Ares Land Rover Defender, they’ve taken a classic 4 x 4 and turned it into a chariot fit for Ares, the God of War.

It’s always a dangerous task for any custom car outfit to wade into the waters of the iconic Defender, where purists hang around, ready to decry and declaim your crimes against their Land Rover deity. But I can’t imagine anyone having nitpicking the custom Defender that Ares has created. With a body composed of premium quality carbon fiber, front and rear bumpers for heavy duty off-roading and overlanding, the Defender’s original steel frame, and an interior covered by artisan panels in leather, carbon and aluminium, this Defender is a beast inside and out. A V8 supercharged produces 475 HP at the Ares Defender’s core, generating a top speed of 150 Mph. Not to mention high pressure shock absorbers from Fox allow the Defender to navigate on or off the asphalt with mastery. Ares will only produce 53, so get in line fast.

Purchase: $230,000+