Ares Design Crafts A ’50s-Style Spyder With French Crystal & Carbon Fiber

Although Ares Design recently unveiled an ultra-modern S1 supercar and a spyder variant to suit, the Modena-based manufacturer also has an eye for classic automotive aesthetic. From Chevrolet Corvette restomods to Damaso Pantera continuations, Ares’ portfolio is chock full of examples that speak to its incredibly well-rounded design range.

For the second installment in its “Legends Reborn” series, Ares Design has announced a 1950s-style spyder that it’s calling the Wami. Born out of a collaboration with Lalique, a French crystal manufacturer, it features lots of modern luxuries to complement its old-school cool. For instance, the body is made from a blend of carbon fiber and hand-shaped aluminum, ensuring that in addition to being easy to look at, it’s also incredibly lightweight. And when it comes to the design, the car is rich with retro details, including bumpers with over-riders, wire wheels, and chromed exhaust tips. Moving inside, you’ll find bespoke French crystal courtesy of Lalique as well as some handcrafted Italian upholstery, a pairing that makes for an incredibly lavish presentation. Add to that an English oak dash complete with a modern infotainment system, and Ares has shown us once again just how capable it can be.

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