Arctic Buzz Vodka Ice Cream

Oct 17, 2017

Category: Vices

If you were to ask us, out of everything in the world, what we thought needed improving, ice cream would the furthest from our minds. Yet, it appears that a small company based out of Baltimore has gone ahead and done just that. Introducing Arctic Buzz Vodka Ice Cream.

Alcohol in ice cream isn’t necessarily a new idea, but the way Arctic Buzz does it is completely different. Rather than grabbing any old bottle off the shelf to mix into their creamy concoction, Arctic Buzz sources their vodka from a distiller in their home-city of Baltimore. As a result, they get better control of what they’re putting in to each batch. In addition to the using top quality ingredients, this small company has developed a process that allows them to hand-churn the vodka into the ice cream while it is being made rather than pouring it on afterwards. Arctic Buzz offers up six different flavors that come in 100ml cups and boast an ABV of anywhere between 8.6 and 8.9-percent. Unfortunately, these are only available at select liquor stores in Maryland. Road trip, anyone?

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