Arc’Teryx Voltair 30 Avalanche Backpack

It’s a backcountry skier’s worst nightmare. Finding that untouched run that’s out of bounds, tearing up some fresh powder when all of a sudden you knock something loose and suddenly a mountain of white is chasing you down the mountain. Avalanches are a reality in winter sports, especially in high stakes and unstable environments. So in response, Arc’Teryx developed this deployable avalanche airbag pack to keep you safe.

Dubbed the Voltair 30, each avalanche pack is capable of multiple deployments in a single day, never letting you down in the process. It’s powered by a rechargeable battery and centrifugal blower that achieves that same pressure as your standard gas cartridge systems. Once inflated -which takes as little as 5 seconds – additional air is pumped to maintain inflation in case of any punctures. It’s made from weatherproof AC² technology and also offers up to 30L of well-designed organizational space inside the pack. The Voltair also hosts a slew of other conveniences as well, keeping you prepared and equipped with everything you need for an off-the-grid mountaineering experience. [Purchase]