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Eternal Flames: 15 Best Rechargeable EDC Flashlights

Photo: Surefire Sidekick

As you might have guessed, we are staunch supporters of the flashlight as an everyday carry item. Whether you use it to find your way through deep dark swamps or you just need a little help lighting up the carpet under your desk to find that pen you dropped, they’re so helpful whilst also being very pocket-friendly (when done right, of course).

Our biggest problem with most flashlights, however, is that they require batteries. Or rather, they require their batteries to be changed out every now and again. Lucky for us, there are a number of different everyday carry flashlights that support the use of rechargeable batteries. Unfortunately, most of those still necessitate taking the batteries out to plug them into their respective chargers. The following 15 EDC torches, however, are so much better because they can be plugged in directly to charge up whenever they need some juice. That’s why we’ve rounded them up for our list of the best rechargeable flashlights you can buy right now.

MecArmy Illuminex-4S Flashlight

With its tiny format and super light weight, this might be the ultimate keychain flashlight. That’s only bolstered by the fact that it can put out up to 130 lumens for up to 6 hours and then it can be recharged via micro-USB. Bunch it all together with a durable aluminum exterior and this tiny-but-mighty portable torch is an everyday carry powerhouse. Oh yeah, and it can completely charge in just an hour.

Max Lumens: 130
Max Runtime: 6 Hours

Purchase: $24

Anker Tactical Flashlight

Though they’re certainly best known for their portable battery packs, Anker also delves into some different realms of everyday carry. For instance, they produce this excellent budget-friendly tactical flashlight. It’s water-resistant (rated at IP65), puts out up to 900 lumens, comes with a handy wrist strap for secure carrying, and even has a toothed bezel for self-defense applications.

Max Lumens: 900
Max Runtime: 6 Hours

Purchase: $26

NOCO XGrid XGB3L Flashlight

With a rectangular form, this pocket-friendly rechargeable flashlight might look a little strange, but that works to its benefit – it won’t roll off a countertop when you set it down. And, along with being an excellent portable torch, it also has a built-in battery pack so you can charge your high-tech gear while you’re on the go. It’s also IP65 water-resistant and is even compatible with the brand’s solar charger.

Max Lumens: 250
Max Runtime: 120 Hours

Purchase: $30

Nitecore TIP Keychain Flashlight

If you want to carry a solid rechargeable flashlight, but you don’t have a lot of room in your pockets, the Nitecore TIP is the option for you. This incredible little portable torch is small enough that it can fit on your keychain carabiner, but it still puts out up to 360 lumens. It also has several different lighting modes and comes in a variety of colors so you can match it to the rest of your everyday carry gear.

Max Lumens: 360
Max Runtime: 46 Hours

Purchase: $30

Streamlight Microstream Flashlight

With an IPX4 water-resistance and one meter impact-resistance, this slim pocket-friendly rechargeable flashlight is a great versatile option for anyone that wants something rugged without needing it to look super tactical. It also comes loaded with batteries that can be recharged up to 300 times, has several different lighting modes to suit any situation and operates via a simple-to-use tail switch.

Max Lumens: 250
Max Runtime: 3.5 Hours

Purchase: $33

MecArmy Illuminex-1S Titanium Flashlight

If you like MecArmy’s Illuminex series of keychain flashlights, but aluminum doesn’t quite suit your fancy – never fear, it also comes in titanium. Tough as nails and absurdly lightweight, this micro-USB rechargeable flashlight offers up everything its aluminum brethren have (130 lumens over 6 hours, simple twist operation, and more), but also comes in a sleek metallic package for a little punch of style and toughness.

Max Lumens: 130
Max Runtime: 6 Hours

Purchase: $50

Olight S1R Baton Flashlight

Olight, simply put, makes some of the absolute best flashlights on the market. And this one is a top dog, even amongst their elite catalogue. Boasting a format that’s small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, this tiny titan hides away a beastly 900 lumens of output and a maximum runtime of up to 15 days. It also features a simple side-switch operation, automatically fades the light in and out to protect your eyes, has a built-in run timer, and is IPX8 water-resistant. Truly, it’s hard to do better than this.

Max Lumens: 900
Max Runtime: 15 Days

Purchase: $65

Nitecore MH12 Flashlight

With a massive amount of power packed into a body that can fit into the palm of your hand, this 1,000-lumen flashlight from Nitecore also has the benefit of up to 520 hours of continuous runtime. As if that’s not enough on its own, it also boasts four brightness levels, three special modes, a military-grade anodized aerospace aluminum construction, and a water-resistance rating of IPX8. This badass flashlight is as tough and capable as they come.

Max Lumens: 1,000
Max Runtime: 520 Hours

Purchase: $69

Surefire Sidekick Keychain Flashlight

If you want a keychain flashlight, but only the best will do – go no further. The Surefire Sidekick is more than small enough to slip into even the most packed pockets (though it’s certainly better suited to your keychain or lanyard). But it also offers three different lighting modes, a simple push-button functionality, and even comes with a car plug for on-the-go charging.

Max Lumens: 300
Max Runtime: 45 Hours

Purchase: $70

Olight S30R Baton III Flashlight

Perhaps you have enough room in your everyday carry for something a little bit more substantial than Olight’s super-compact S1R Baton. Luckily you can still get their signature styling in a beefier package with the S30R Baton III. This monstrous EDC rechargeable flashlight can put out an impressive range of 0.5-1,050 lumens and has the ability to run for up to 100 days straight. It’s also IPX8 water-resistant, impact resistant to 1.5 meters, and has a magnetic tail cap for hands-free operation.

Max Lumens: 1,050
Max Runtime: 100 Days

Purchase: $80

Eagletac DX30LC2-R Flashlight

Most everyday carry flashlights, rechargeable or not, have some kind of pocket clip. Fewer, however, offer up a paracord attachment with a quick-access clip so you can snap it onto your belt loops or backpack straps. This one, from Eagletac, does. It also boasts up to 1,160 lumens, and has a number of different illumination levels and lighting modes. Best of all, without a battery, it weighs just 2.1 ounces.

Max Lumens: 1,160
Max Runtime: 200+ Hours

Purchase: $85

Streamlight 88052 ProTac HL Flashlight

Offering a unique combination of capability, toughness, and ease of use, this Streamlight rechargeable EDC flashlight is perfectly palm-sized for an excellent grip even in bad conditions. It also features a tactical-style toothed bezel for self-defense applications, and can easily be recharged without having to take any of it apart. And, best of all, it’s IPX4 water-resistant and impact-tested for drops of up to a meter.

Max Lumens: 850
Max Runtime: 12 Hours

Purchase: $82

Fenix TK20R Tactical Flashlight

A perfect balance of tactical functionality and everyday carry simplicity, this offering from Fenix is a beast in a pocket-friendly body. It measures just 5.9 inches in length, but has a super durable anodized aluminum body for added toughness – especially nice when you consider it has a toothed bezel perfect for striking in self defense situations. And that’s just the beginning of what makes this dust- and water-resistant mini tactical flashlight special.

Max Lumens: 1,000
Max Runtime: 160 Hours

Purchase: $100

MecArmy X7S Multi-Functional EDC Flashlight Kit

For some folks, a single-purpose flashlight is enough for their everyday carry. But, if you’re the type to need some extra functionality out of everything you carry, then the X7S from MecArmy is for you. Not only does it boast a 130-lumen flashlight that can run for up to 6 hours on a single micro-USB charge. But it also features a built-in liquid-fueled miniature survival lighter and a capsule perfect for storing tiny items like pills or small notes. Best of all, the whole thing is modular, so you get to choose which parts you want to bring with you on any given day.

Max Lumens: 130
Max Runtime: 6 Hours

Purchase: $100

MecArmy FL10 Titanium Carabiner Flashlight

If you’re like us, you love keychain carabiners. These devices are perfect for keeping your keys handy while stopping your pockets from being way too weighed down. And that would be enough, most of the time. MecArmy has set the bar a little bit higher, however, with their FL10 – this titanium keychain carabiner also features a built-in USB rechargeable EDC flashlight. And if you want just a bit more bang for your buck when it comes to your everyday carry loadout, it’s hard to beat this bad boy.

Max Lumens: 360
Max Runtime: 6 Hours

Purchase: $130

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