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15 Motorcycle Gear Brands You Should Know

With all the motorcycle coverage peppered across the site on a daily basis, you best believe we’ve just about seen it all. From iconic legacy brands to innovative upstart workshops building out some of the most unique custom rides around, there’s little out there in the contemporary moto space we haven’t come across. And believe us, that’s a good thing.

Why? Because in the vast world of moto gear and apparel there’s plenty of faux producers out there alongside massive conglomerates simply looking to make a buck. So, rather than cater to these non-discrete purveyors of the bottom line, we opted to — hopefully — introduce you to a handful of motorcycle gear brands that you may have not heard of but damn-well need to know. Enjoy.

Alms NYC

At their core, motorcycles are about escaping the mundane banalities of everyday life. The car, the job, the McMansion. All fabricated mechanisms of “need” in this day and age. Alms NYC looks to upend that mentality, one product at a time. It’s here where the NYC-based brand builds minimalist carry goods that are inspired by those aforementioned escapist principles brought on by moto culture — complete with a futuristic urban vibe that could only be incepted from within the concrete jungle of the Big Apple.

Location: New York, USA
Specialty: Urbanized moto carry gear

Visit: Alms NYC


Let’s state the obvious. Yes, this is a women’s motorcycle brand. However, what Atwyld has been able to accomplish for female riders in the moto arena is incredibly noteworthy. Building both stylish and incredibly functional gear and apparel, their mountain-to-sea-to-desert inspired lineup is at the ready for when the lines between fear and thrill become blurred.

Location: California, USA
Specialty: Technical moto gear for women

Visit: Atwyld

Canvas MX

The brandless brand allowing riders to brand themselves — we’ll explain in a moment — Canvas MX began as a way for one dedicated rider to raise enough money to compete in the Oakland Supercross. What followed was a keen idea to allow racers of all persuasions to build out custom moto gear and apparel to their liking — hence the “Canvas” aspect of the company. It’s truly an innovative idea that yields unique gear that will surely be one of a kind.

Location: California, USA
Specialty: Fully customizable moto gear

Visit: Canvas MX

Crave For Ride

Not all motorcycle gear needs to scream “biker” across it. Believe it or not, however, before Crave For Ride burst onto the scene back in 2013, that was more difficult to come across than you’d think. Hence Crave’s mission to build rider-ready gear that functions just fine on its own. One of their staple products? How about a flannel shirt fully lined with DuPont Kevlar? Yeah, they thought of that first. And since we’re convinced you’re sold on the brand as well, we’ll let curiosity take it from here.

Location: Kington, UK
Specialty: Streetwear-resembling riding gear

Visit: Crave For Ride

Cycle Zombies

Not all brands are founded. Sometimes, they just happen. Such is the case with the Orange County family that comprises Cycle Zombies. And it was with a keen interest in surfing, skating, and building/repairing old motorcycles that Cycle Zombies just happened on the Southern California motorcycle scene. Not only do they specialize in bringing zombie rides back to life but their apparel and gear lineup serve as a welcome juxtaposition to the pristine, well-manicured beaches and homes along this stretch of coastline.

Location: California, USA
Specialty: Alternative moto-themed apparel

Visit: Cycle Zombies

Deus Ex Machina

Initially established in Sydney as a ragtag brand that surfed when the swell was up and worked out of their shop building bikes during flat spells has since exploded into a lifestyle brand touching just about every continent on earth. Yes, they’re that well respected in the space. Not only does their gear and apparel speak for itself, but the sheer ingenuity of their motorcycle builds and quality of their media arm only act to support the notion that Deus is here for the long haul — wherever that journey make take them.

Location: Sydney, Aus
Specialty: Surf and alternative moto lifestyle gear

Visit: Deus Ex Machina

El Solitario MC

From apparel to custom work, El Solitario MC is the anti-moto motorcycle brand. They’re against the grain straight from their Spanish workshop and take a minimalist raw approach to both apparel and moto projects. And while this sounds strange, the best part about the entire operation is that this mentality works. Take It from a brand that idolizes Hunter S. Thompson to push the boundaries of motorcycle gear. El Solitario has everything, and nothing, under control.

Location: Galicia, Spain
Specialty: Modern & minimalist moto apparel

Visit: El Solitario MC


In case the origin of their name is escaping you, Hedon very explicitly states their nod to “Hedonism” in their brand story. It’s also something you’d expect from a company building luxury helmets at their core. What’s also of valuable takeaway is the handsome retro design these elegant pieces of art offer casual cafe racing fans. Best yet, the brand is continuing to expand into the viable realms of accessories and apparel — purposed to suit all your luxurious hedonistic wants.

Location: London, UK
Specialty: Luxury motorcycle helmets

Visit: Hedon

Icon Raiden

Not to be confused with the 80s metal band with (almost) the same name, Icon Raiden is the adventure arm of the well-known Icon brand based out of Portland, Oregon. Here, we have a knobby-tire-lovers dream lineup of gear, accessories, and even bikes to choose from. From necessary pick-ups for long-distance endurance trips to the overland lifestyle in general, this brand pushes the boundaries of what’s possible in moto adventure riding.

Location: Oregon, USA
Specialty: Adventure riding gear

Visit: Icon Raiden

Iron & Resin

Born in a blue-collar beach town in Southern California and raised in and around the world-class surf spots of Ventura and the eastern inland deserts, Iron & Resin embodies life as a dirt-and-surf-shredding ruffian. Not to mention their American-made manufacturing policy allows plenty of homegrown moto gear and apparel for the modern rider. Best yet, in recent news, they also just launched an all-new women’s lineup for the fair lasses who too enjoy life on two wheels.

Location: California, USA
Specialty: Riding gear and apparel for surf & moto culture

Visit: Iron & Resin

Jane Motorcycles

A brand, a shop, and a builder. Clearly, Brooklyn-based Jane Motorcycles offers more than just the gear. It’s a lifestyle brand as well whereas key players work to create modern beauties of magnificence ranging from adventure motorcycles to post-apocalyptic builds to city scramblers built to tear across the greater NYC area. Not to mention their style-forward in-house brand as well as a handful of reliable third-party gear for reputable players in the space made available on their site for purchase.

Location: New York, USA
Specialty: Stylish riding gear for modern moto culture

Visit: Jane Motorcycles


Combine the need for weather-ready moto gear in the downright dreary U.K. climate with some brilliant style-forward principles subtly nodding toward past iconic wears and you’ll come fairly close to what Provisions & Co has to offer. And it’s not just Moto-purposed gear, either, for P&Co offers a slew of standard accessories and apparel items so you’re forever under the influence of this charismatic brand.

Location: Birmingham, UK
Specialty: Moto-themed clothing & accessories for men and women

Visit: P&Co

Roland Sands Design

With roots in racing, custom bike building, and design, RSD is a high-performance brand that works to make riding gear look slick and street-ready. It all started when Roland — a Long Beach, CA native — opted to take a hammer, pencil, and computer designing trade to the scene he loved and sacrificed 32 broken bones for. What resulted was Roland Sands Design, founded in 2005, and continues on to this day as a key component to the world of moto gear.

Location: California, USA
Specialty: Motorcycle parts and riding gear

Visit: Roland Sands Design

Saint Unbreakable

Denim is great and all as a street or workwear material but certainly won’t last through years of use and abuse on your bike. Cue Saint Unbreakable, the Sydney-based apparel brand successfully building motorcycle-ready denim jeans, vests and jackets for enthusiasts the world over. It’s practically all the style points you could ask for as a McQueen fan but with a rugged and durable 21st-century composition.

Location: Melbourne, Aus
Specialty: Unbreakable motorcyle gear and apparel

Visit: Saint Unbreakable


No matter where you’re headed, the need still exists to transport your gear in a safe manner. That’s where Velomacchi comes into play — building adventure and commuter-ready backpacks, duffels, and even gloves for riders of all persuasions. And not to mention stylish, these handy options are built to take a beating and resist whatever unpleasant weather may come your way while in route. Did we mention these bags function brilliantly all on their own as well? No motorcycle required.

Location: Oregon, USA
Specialty: Backpacks, duffels & tool rolls for riders

Visit: Velomacchi

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