Archibird Cage Table

Jan 25, 2019

Category: Living

On some nights, the selection of TV shows on network and cable is so wretched, you’d almost be better off staring at the coffee table. Now, imagine if that coffee table had live birds inside it. See ya later, Top American Housewife Voice.

While probably not vegging out on the couch to the CW, French designer Gregoire de Lafforest came up with this brilliant way to incorporate a bird cage and a table. The Archibird features glass-enclosed cutouts in the top of the table to let Petey the parakeet poke his plumage above the wood, and a full cage beneath the table, so he’s not on display 24/7. Steel rods support the cage, and there’s a small basin for washing and a faux tree to fake Petey out and pretty up your living room.

Archibird Cage Table 2

Archibird Cage Table 3

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