A Team Of Actual Rocket Engineers Are Behind This 475HP Electric Speedboat

Photo: Arc One

It may not be rocket science, but it’s close. A team of former rocket engineers is behind a new electric speedboat called the Arc One, and the boat’s performance and technology are about as wild as you’d expect.

The Arc One combines a state-of-the-art lightweight hull design with specialized custom-built battery packs and a 475 HP electric motor to create a boat that’s fast, practical, and sustainable. The hull mixes marine-grade aluminum construction with aerospace manufacturing techniques, helping to propel the Arc One to a top speed of 40 mph with a range of 3-5 hours. The 200 kWh battery packs are precisely located to maintain the boat’s center of gravity while staying out of the way, and the Arc One has room for up to ten people and an extra 60 cubic feet of storage space. As if the speed and roominess weren’t enough, the Arc One is also engineered to be low-maintenance, with few moving parts and over-the-air updates promising a breezy owner experience. The boats are expected to begin hitting the water in six months, and you can join Arc One’s waitlist now to put down your initial deposit on one of these $300,000 machines.

Purchase: $300,000

Photo: Arc Boats
Photo: Arc Boats