ARB’s BASE Roof Rack Might Just Be The Best Modular 4×4 Storage Platform

For too long, vehicular roof racks have basked in their ignorant complexity. For each mounting point, extension, and component that you buy, there are often five more pieces that are needed to complete the rig, resulting in headache, exhaustion, and desperation. Those are the last things you want to deal with before you head out on a trip, so, ARB has created the BASE — an intuitive rack system that looks to redefine the genre’s approach toward automotive storage.

The notable 4×4 brand has more than a few interesting products under its belt, but the BASE roof rack stands out as its most innovative. This sleek, low-profile foundation offers users a lightweight, roof-top base that can be expanded upon through the use of the brand’s revolutionary dovetail mounting system, allowing you to apply (and remove) the correct mount in seconds. Gone are the days of overly-complex setups and improvisation. Instead, each of the company’s movable peripheral pieces will feature their own dovetail clip-in, allowing you to personalize your setup without any additional parts. Depending on your needs, ARB’s extruded aluminum BASE can be ordered in a variety of different lengths and enclosure types, so head over to the brand’s website to inquire about your own customized mounting system.

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