Aquila Electric Surfboards

Might an electric-powered surfboard earn you disapproving head shakes from the dudes on the beach? We’re not sure. We’d be too busy having a blast.

Spain-based Aquila is offering a new line of high-speed, electric-powered boards with each one aimed at a different style of surfer. The entry-level Manta has a top speed of 21 mph, the slowest of the three, but it also has the longest battery life at 30 minutes. The Carver is ready for slashing across the surface of the water at high speeds (up to 44 mph), and the Blade is for the freestyle rider who needs peak maneuverability, with a top speed of 33 mph. Each board uses an integrated jet propulsion system, yielding no noise or pesky emissions, and the battery packs are replaceable. [Purchase]

Aquila Electric Surfboards 2

Aquila Electric Surfboards 3

Aquila Electric Surfboards 4

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