Aquaforno II Outdoor Stove

Positioned as the ultimate glamping accessory, the Aquaforno II offers up plenty of utility to the diverse needs of a group campsite – be it restaurant-quality meals under the stars or simple campfire cuisine.

Each Aquaforno II functions as a full-time split-level grill, rotisserie, smoking hanger, BBQ grill, pizza oven, smoker, and water boiler all in one collapsible unit. Clearly, this Swiss-army-knife of camping cookware has caught the attention of outdoor enthusiasts and backwoods chefs alike during its crowdfunding tenure. The entire piece also fully assembles in just 3 minutes, can cook up to 20 pizzas per hour, and provide a liter of boiling water every six minutes. Campers can also enjoy the Aquaforno as a fire pit or fryer and comes available in either black carbon or stainless steel depending on your preference. Available now for reservation.

Indiegogo: $239+