Two Of Diving’s Most Iconic Brands Created This 1,000M GMT Scuba Watch

While there are a handful of companies devoted to the world of dive watches, two transcendental outfits have always stood atop the genre’s prospective throne: Aquadive, a wristwear-focused company who burst onto the scene in 1962, and Poseidon, an essential dive gear outfit that was founded all the way back in 1958. Over time, the two have earnt an indelible reputation within their respective industries — and now, they’ve joined forces for a special-edition GMT peripheral.

When Aquadive brought its dive-oriented product to the table in the early 1960s, they were the first to innovate on the genre’s already-capable offerings, establishing the first 1,000-meter rated watch to be outfitted with an integrated depth gauge, and fostering their evolution into the reliable brand we know today. During that same era, Poseidon had created the first single hose regulator for divers, alongside a specialized sealing system that was catered toward cold-water use. To celebrate one another’s contributions to the medium, the Aquadive x Poseidon GMT was born — a 42mm stainless steel variant boasting Poseidon’s famed yellow branding, a durable ISOfrane rubber strap system, and an accurate ETA 2893-2 automatic movement. To keep the watch as capable as ever, it’s been based on Aquadive’s revered Bathysphere 100 GMT platform, meaning that 3,300-foot water resistance and dual-time zone functionality come standard. The collaborative GMT is limited to only 300 units, and is available for pre-order at $1,395; a 25% discount on the watch’s $1,890 MSRP.

Purchase: $1,890