Apple’s 12 Days Of Free Gifts

Apples 12 Days Of Free Gifts
Apple’s not exactly known as a bargain-based company — “Hmm… double knee surgery or a new iMac?” — and that’s what makes its ’12 Days of Gifts’ promotion all the more noteworthy. Now for the first time available for US customers, Apple is giving its customers some freebies to celebrate the season. There won’t be any iPad’s popping up in your virtual stocking (it’s all media stuff) but hey, it’s free. And at last check, reading was still fundamental.

Get started by downloading the ’12 Days of Gifts’ in the App Store, then sit back and wait for apps, songs, movies, shows, and books to land in your lap from Dec. 26 through Jan, 6. You will need to be running iOS7, and you’ll also need the iBooks app to read any free pieces of literature that come your way. [Purchase]